brazilian laser hair removal

Is it good to do Brazilian laser hair removal?

One of the most popular laser hair removal services that most clinics offer is Brazilian laser hair removal. This service includes hair removal around the pubic area, and it provides long lasting results for a few months. You will touchups but that’s a lot better than suffering through painful waxing sessions or shaving.

Because this service is done on the intimate area, and it rises a lot of questions. Today we will cover what it’s like to experience Brazilian laser hair removal Chicago at V&P Laser Hair Removal & Skin Care, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Work?

Before we dive into it, let’s see how laser in general works. It’s important to know that the laser machine that use, which is called GentleMax Pro Plus, emits a powerful light that penetrates through the skin to damage the hair follicles. In this way the hair follicles die and reduces the hair regrowth.

How Effective is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Th effectiveness of Brazilian laser hair removal depends on different factors: skin color, hair color, hair thickness and the type of laser used. The best results are reported by people with fair skin and dark hair. That’s because the laser can more easily target the melanin in the hair follicles. However, newer laser machines have made it possible for darker skin tones to get effective results with laser hair removal.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is Not That Painful Anymore

In the wild west days of laser hair removal, smooth, hairless skin came at the cost of serious ouchies. Remember waxing down there? Yeah, your hoo-ha remembers too! Back then, a Brazilian laser session was basically an endurance test for gladiators.

But thank the laser gods, those days are gone. Tech’s made some leaps and bounds, especially when it comes to the “burning inferno” factor. Even the jungle down under, with its thick, dark hair, doesn’t have to scream like it used to.

Most folks can breeze through laser sessions without needing any pain-busting backup. But if your tolerance is lower than a limbo stick, some clinics offer numbing creams and icy friends to soothe those sizzling sensations.

Just think, though: 6 to 10 sessions* might seem like a trek, but then it’s smooth sailing forever! No more waxing woes, razor rage, or epilator dramas. So, roll up your sleeves (or, well, maybe not literally… down there) and say goodbye to the pain train!